Optix Talk: Data Quality and Machine Learning with Joyann Boyce

Data Podcast Joyann Boyce

Optix Talk Podcast: Data Quality and Machine Learning with Joyann Boyce

On this edition of Optix Talk, we are discussing Data Quality & Machine Learning with Joyann Boyce.

Joyann is the founder of The Social Detail, A Bristol Based Consultancy Specialising in Inclusive Marketing Strategy,  has recently completed a Data Fellowship with South West Creative Technology Network, and is currently studying for a Masters in Data Science and AI.

She is exploring the results if you train a machine with intentionally biased data in order to increase data fairness and more balanced results in the field.  Today we’re going to talk to Joyann about her research what she’s discovered about how data quality affects Machine Learning.

Listen to our Podcast:

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