Need an Email Marketing Platform that works?

Introducing Optixmail:

Need a reliable, cost effective and easy to understand email marketing platform? Then you've come to the right place.

Optixmail is the ideal email platform where you can create, send and analyse targeted campaigns to your subscribers. All sorts of businesses have been using Optixmail for a number of years to engage subscribers and generate more business.

Advanced options also give you the ability to track click-through's, set up segments and create targeted workflows to automate your email campaigns to funnel prospects down pre-defined channels.

Optixmail is one of our email marketing services that sits outside of our regular digital marketing offering, so if you need a platform but aren't in need of our other email marketing services then check out Optixmail. If you're looking to step up your email marketing efforts though then read on below:

Why use Email Marketing from Optix?

Our digital marketing team are all email marketing experts. It's all well and good sending an email, but getting people to read it - now that's where it gets interesting.

From helping out with copywriting to managing integrated email campaigns we can advise and act as required. Just talk to us to get started.

When it comes to email marketing we can help to:

  • Create the content of your actual emails.
  • Set up and segment your email marketing lists to ensure the right audience is targeted with the right message.
  • Design and develop personalised, responsive email templates.
  • Set up, schedule and send your campaigns.
  • Analyse campaigns results.
  • Set up email marketing automation to target customers at key touchpoints in their journey from visitor to loyal customer.

With over 15 years of digital experience you've come to the right place. So, if you want to talk more about our email marketing platform, or any other aspects of email marketing then get in touch with us by calling 01392 667766 (or send us an email).

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