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A specialist CONTENT MARKETING agency…

As well as all important copywriting, we specialise in the creation of infographics, videos and whitepapers alongside anything else you’d like to create – we like a challenge.

Bespoke Content Marketing

What can you do in 8 seconds? Pour a glass of water? Read one News article headline? And you’re done. That was it. 8 seconds is also the amount of time you have to persuade someone to carry on reading and navigating your website, before they leave, and more often than not, head to a competitor.

One key thing, that’s no industry secret to keep someone on a page is,  Content – compelling, engaging, well written and relevant content. And Optix are the perfect content marketing agency to help craft it.

So if you’ve made it past the 8 second mark and want to know a little more about our content creation – then read on!

Content doesn’t just sit on its own though. The web is full of unread articles and how-to guides. We also specialise in tying our work into an overall content marketing strategy. We can even tie it into an outreach strategy to ensure your content is communicated across the online universe by key influencers to ensure maximum reach and impact

Our method

  • Idea generation: a flurry of different concepts are put together ranging from the traditional to cool and quirky.

  • Planning: We tie in the content with your desired objectives. Need more engagement on social channels or more sign up on your website? We’ll tie the content to it.

  • Sign off: Naturally we want your input so we’ll discuss our ideas and how we reached them before you give the go-ahead.

  • Creation: Using our range of digital marketing specialists we’ll set to work to create something special.

  • Launch: It’s live! Content shouldn’t be done in isolation though, so we provide a range of channels, avenues and people who can help market your content to the wider world.

  • Measurement: Comments, Likes or Links. Whatever you need to measure we set up the tools to track them. Not only does this give us the opportunity to report back to you with our results it gives us a valuable insight into how content should be created in the future.

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