How To Become A Digital Marketer In 2020

  Whether you’re 16 and fresh out of school or you’re a fully-fledged adult looking for a career change, digital marketing could just be the vocation for you.    Discover what’s required for a flourishing digital marketing career and decide if it’s your idea of vocational paradise or vocational hell. DEVELOP Digital marketing may look…

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Do What You Say You’re Going To Do.

What we can learn from Facebook’s UX Overhaul. When a high profile platform like Facebook, decides to redesign their desktop and mobile platforms, it sends the fear of god into every other business, wondering if they too need to follow suit. Facebook’s recent keynote was an interesting one for User Experience and User Interface, they…

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I thought I’d start a new tradition this year, a wrap-up blog showing my 2018 company highlights. I’ve always thought its a pretty useful exercise to look back and reflect on the year, even if you’re the only one that reads it. So we started early 2018 with a bang – Our annual seminar at…

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Website Analysis Workshop

When people embark on a new website project they do it for a couple of reasons. Its been a few years since their last re-development so their site is looking tired and in need of a bit of love or because its reached the end of its life, having had lots of elements bolted on over time and is now becoming cumbersome and clunky. "I know" someone says, "let's get a new website". The journey begins. 

The problem then is that the people tasked at client side with this are not usually web experts. They may have created a few sites in their time but they are not experts in user experience, persona development, analytics analysis or search engine optimisation. Its quite unfair to ask them to come up with a spec for a new site that will blow the competition away. How should they know what to specify? Sadly the answer is that in 90% of cases they don't and this will lead to one thing only – a site that doesn't perform for their business. 

In order to know what you should build you need to look at what data you have currently. How people use your site at the moment, where do you rank in search engines, where do you want to rank in search engines., who are your target audience and what makes them tick. As an agency we buy in lots of tools as well as using free ones (like Google Analytics) to measure the effectiveness of a site before looking at redesigning or building it. We ask lots of questions up front and don't resort to guess work before putting mouse to mouse mat. 

We're looking to share some of that knowledge with forward thinking businesses that want to know more about the performance of their online presence. This brings me on to our new event: Website Analysis Workshop. We want to teach and explain to organisations how to learn from their existing site, how to find out where its working and where it’s not, to find out what needs changing and why, all of which can then be used in their next website build. This event will teach you how to use the industry leading tools to find out exactly how your customers use your website and what improvements are needed. 

If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, if you want to take the next step to learning about click and heat maps, scroll depths & user journeys then you should book on today. There are limited spaces and we're keen to make this a dynamic and working session so will be looking at your sites on the day. We look forward to seeing you at Optix HQ and getting geeky with data. 

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Social Media Marketing – The Why

Social media has revolutionised communication.  It has created a whole new paradigm which engages users on a new level. This means that the traditional ways of communication are not having the impact it used to, and marketers are having to think of more creative ways to get their business messages heard. 

In 2016 alone, social media users have risen by 176 million. 

So, this is useful in that you have an audience right there, waiting to be marketed to. This is tricky because so many other businesses are also wanting to get in front of them.

For businesses this means that in order to stay ahead in the market you have to be at the forefront of communication, making yourselves both heard and stand out in a range of different social media platforms, each with their own styles, methods and trends.  

Social media users have an average of 5.54 social media accounts each

One of the questions we get asked most here at Optix is: Which social media platform should I use? With users having on average 5.5 social media accounts it’s hard to know where to start. We always say it’s better to have less accounts but do them better. For example, we use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as our primary social media channels, and invest in them heavily to ensure that we (and our followers) get the most out of the accounts.

12 new social media users are added every second

Optix Solutions prides itself at being fore runners in this domain, looking at trends and directions, and predicting, accurately, where social media is likely to go.  This forward looking approach means we are able to make the best decisions now for the future of your social media and make sure your company hits all those new users!

Want to get ahead with social media but not sure where to start? Come to our workshop next week: 

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