Coronavirus Response Updates

5th of October An update from our Director of Operations Rob Stevens has been posted here. 3rd of September The Heart of the South West Growth Hub Kickstart Grant Scheme has been launched. More information can be found here. 15th of July Our Operations Director Rob Stevens was recently interviewed by our intern Helen who…

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The Optix Team on Working From Home

We’ve all been working from home officially for over a week now and the Optix team are getting into the swing of it. The team wanted to let you all know how we’re getting on, so we’ve done a little interview – fair warning, it’s not all sunshine and roses as we’re all humans, but…

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Handy Resources for our New Normal

In these uncertain times, we expect you’re getting used to working in a completely different way to ‘normal’, and we are too. To help us find our new ‘normal’ we’ve been sharing tips with each other, and it wouldn’t really be fair to keep those to ourselves! You’ll see that as a business we’ve been…

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