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NETHABIT, Be safe, Be well, Be happy

Creating an identity to help protect children online and promote healthier habits.


Nethabit is a resource for parents to help them protect their kids online and promote healthier habits. An app which allows them to understand and guide them through a number of steps to improve the safety and wellbeing of children online.

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During a discovery phases it was identified Nethabit needed to be educational, authoritative but also approachable. The subject matter can at times be sensitive or worrying so it was very important to find a balance where the brand was helpful and reassuring rather than scary.


Culturally the bear has been a symbol of strength, confidence, and leadership. Using this as a base we then developed and began to incorporate some more playful elements into the look and feel. The final logo and messaging became a showcase of how we like to approach and think about our clients brand and values.

The Design


Alert imagery

Within the company tag line, a look and feel had to be established for Be Safe. Be Well. Be Happy. We called these alerts. These alerts became the benefit assets, associated habits and behaviours are also used to support and form the alerts within the app, which help to define and support the strong visual identity for any key user actions.

Responsive web

During the collaborative app build, the visuals came into their own especially when combined with the bear icon, the brand was bold, distinctive which gave clarity for the user when applied to a responsive website design seen below...

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