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Isles of Scilly Travel - Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

A remarkable 16,000% Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) thanks to specialised, targeted PPC activity

The story so far…

Every year, Isles of Scilly Travel transports thousands of visitors to and from the beautiful Scilly Isles by passenger ferry, Scillonian III, and Skybus. We’ve been working with them over the past few years, turbocharging the results of their Pay Per Click (PPC) activity to help them deliver on their strategic goals.

Why Optix?

Isles of Scilly Travel is a long-term Optix Solutions client, and they trust us as their strategic partner to deliver ongoing Paid Search campaigns that maximise online sales. We’ve built a relationship with them that has mutual trust at the core, and because of this our initial PPC work has now expanded to Performance Max and SEO Management.

Our Approach

Our client wanted to expand their reach to attract new audiences (for example, a younger demographic, travellers interested in dog-friendly holidays, backpackers and beachgoers), without compromising their existing targeting to their main audience. Following market and competitor analysis, we designed a strategy that would retain their year-round and seasonal campaigns, while also refining and expanding their Paid Search activity to reach new audiences.

We initiated a trial of Performance Max that would drive performance and deliver even more conversions. This has perfectly complemented the Paid Search campaigns, so after some initial testing, it’s been formalised in the strategy going forward. For added value, we’ve also delivered GA4 training to the team to make the most of our retained time with them.


Focused squarely on Google Ads, our PPC work is directly driving more enquiries and conversions, and the results are showing no signs of slowing. More recently, the client has engaged our SEO specialists to build on this success. We’ve reviewed core web vitals, made recommendations across the site to help with best practice SEO, and are working with the development team to analyse the 5-step booking process and sales funnel to deliver even more targeted marketing strategies. As a result, they’re consistently ranking in the top ten across the board for all their searches.

Thanks to a strategic approach and continuous testing and refining, we’re reporting extraordinary PPC results that include a 16,000% ROAS - in real terms demonstrating that for every pound spent, there’s £159 back. That’s a truly impressive return on investment that our client is reaping the benefits of.


16,000% Return On Advertising Spend (June 2023, PPC)

85% of bookings coming from the website (their target was 60%)

£195 for every pound spent (July 2023, Performance Max)

YOY organic traffic up 33% compared to July 2022 (SEO)

The client’s view…

“We’re really delighted with the results that the team at Optix has been generating for us. We trust their advice, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for proactive, robust paid search support.”

- Sharon Sandercock, Marketing & Communications Manager, Isles of Scilly Travel”

The Optix view…

“This account consistently performs so well, and that’s really satisfying to see. The team we’re working with are proactive and great to collaborate with, and the results we’re getting speak for themselves.”

- Samantha Smith, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Optix Solutions

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