Web Design, API Development, & Digital Marketing Case Study

For many years, the Devon Partnership NHS Trust has provided a wide range of NHS services to patients throughout Devon and the greater South West region, with a focus on helping those with mental illnesses and disabilities. Their desire to “become a recognised centre of excellence in the field of mental health and learning disability within the next five years”, is a goal we strove to assist and is a goal we continue to support them with.

The first thing they asked us to support them with was a new website: a user-friendly, streamlined site outlining their services, locations, self referral and pertinent information about the Trust.

Forming Trust

The Devon Partnership NHS Trust wanted users to feel supported as soon as they reach the website. It was important for them to not only create a trusted relationship with any user of the services but also form a trusting relationship with us at Optix Solutions.

When public sector companies endeavour to make positive change, all eyes are on them to stick to a tight budget; using it carefully to meet a range of demands and requirements of many stakeholders whilst sticking within the realms of the NHS as a whole.

The NHS is a heavy-weight made up of many trusts like the Devon Partnership NHS Trust, all with recruitment and service constraints. So how do they set themselves apart? It was therefore our task to ensure that their website could act as a rule of thumb for the other trusts to aspire towards.

“We have been working with Optix Solutions for a number of years on key digital projects for Devon Partnership NHS Trust. They have transformed our digital presence with the design and implementation of our new website in July 2017 and more recently with our new dedicated recruitment microsite. We have just embarked on a paid social media campaign to help with our recruitment of nurses and doctors and their extensive knowledge and experience in all things digital is really impressive and is helping us to meet our business objectives.

Alastair and his team are driven by really getting to know the needs of their customers, they are a great team to work with and are a trusted key partner for our organisation who will continue to play a key part in developing our digital strategy.”

Sharon Berkhout, Communications Manager, Devon Partnership Trust





Optix consulted with various key personnel representing all areas of the trust to better understand issues with the old website that needed updating and, more importantly, to get a detailed understanding of the patients and those who care for them. Patients and carers would be the primary end users of the new site, so understanding them was crucial to developing a better experience. We even ran workshops with patient participation to create the best user journey and digital experience possible.

A Strong User Experience: Mobile First

We took a mobile-first approach when creating the new site, as most web traffic now comes from mobile devices, and worked hard to make it easy to use and understand for this important demographic.

With over 12 years of valuable knowledge on the old site, which gave the Devon Partnership NHS Trust excellent exposure on web searches, we wanted to retain as much information as possible, whilst making changes towards producing a personal feel that would make visitors more comfortable when reading about difficult topics.

To this end, much of the content of the old site was reworked to make it more accessible before migrating the many years of existing information to a new site.

The result was a responsive website well suited to help accomplish the healthcare goals of the Devon Partnership NHS Trust, including spreading awareness about services for mental illnesses.


Following the success of the new website – it’s been nominated for numerous awards, which is the result of a trusted relationship with the impressive powerhouse and determined communications team at the trust and the team here at Optix. We believe we’ve created a true digital legacy for the mental health and disability services available through the NHS.

Bespoke Website Development

The Devon Partnership NHS Trust enlisted our team to help them fight the very real epidemic of the lack of NHS staff nationwide. We worked with them and used our experience of the past year with the communications team, to create a recruitment microsite that not only spoke of the great staff benefits and roles on offer with them but focused on the idea of living in Devon and the South West. They feel, and so do we, that living in Devon is such a wonderful way of life that it really is one of the top selling points of working at the Devon Partnership NHS Trust.

One of the key focuses for the microsite was people. Steering clear of stock imagery and false testimonials we worked with Fresh Ground Films and Spencer Photography to storyboard, interview and create real staff stories – looking at the experience of living and working in Devon.

Another requirement for the site was that users could discover jobs available at the trust without having to go through the rigor of navigating the NHS Jobs site. Our development team built a bespoke API that pulled in the Devon Partnership NHS Trust jobs from the NHS jobs site and populate them on the microsite – something that no trust in the country currently does (many use a third-party platform). This was a huge developmental success for both us and them.