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Ascent Professional Services - International SEO

A complex international SEO campaign, resulting in a proven 723% return on investment

The story so far…

Ascent Professional Services is a niche management consultant recruitment firm that’s based in London. Their original website was targeted to the UK market, but our client identified a huge opportunity for growth in America and beyond. 

Our Creative team developed a new split UK/US website for them which went live in August 2021, with best-practice international SEO in place to improve visibility for different territories. Even so, Google struggled to notice it, and there was a steady decline in traffic over the next three months. This wasn’t a surprise; they needed a long-term, international SEO strategy in place to get them back on track.

Why Optix?

We’ve built a great relationship with Ascent’s leadership team over the years, and having previously managed their SEO and built their website they were in no doubt as to the extent of our digital marketing expertise. They knew they could trust us as their strategic partner to be as invested in their results as they were.

Our Approach

As with all our projects, we started with a targeted discovery process, challenging the client to fully understand what they wanted to achieve, and how they wanted to measure success. We initially measured traffic and enquiries, but soon identified a better, more accurate metric to track - return on investment (ROI). Every placement they make is a high-ticket opportunity. Because good SEO has a direct impact on a job ad’s visibility to potential candidates, there is a direct link between SEO spend and commission earned from a placement. 

We started work on indexing the international pages for visibility. We also began to roll out new, optimised content that would make Google sit up and take notice. A big issue was that a current job advert page would drive high traffic, but once the role was filled, the page was taken down and the authority was lost. So instead, we focused on regularly adding new, optimised content elsewhere on the site that showcased their thought leadership and built their authority. These are now some of the most successful, top-performing pages, driving high volumes of traffic which has translated into improved rankings and visibility in the SERPs.


Using best-practice international SEO, and optimised, unique content that reinforces Ascent’s thought leadership and authority, all pages are now indexed in Google, with targeted user experience and high-quality traffic for each territory. We’ve seen a steady increase in the number of enquiries, with a high number of them leading to candidates being placed in roles. Our work with Ascent continues, and we’re proud that our work together has led to a proven 723% return on investment, more enquiries and a robust international online presence for our client in all the areas that matter to them.


250% ROI in 2022

723% ROI in 2023 (Jan to Jul) 

An 82% increase in organic enquiries for key conversions on the site in 2023 (Jan to Aug)

The client’s view…

“We know we’re in safe hands with Optix, and I fully trust them to be on our team as we expand the business into new territories. We’re delighted with the additional visibility, traffic and most importantly, results we’re experiencing”

- James Liddiatt, Associate Director, Ascent Professional Services

The Optix view…

“There’s nothing like a demonstrably high return on investment to bring satisfaction to a project. Because of the client’s openness and willingness to share information with us, we’ve been able to prove to them the value of what we do, and see real progression.”

- Jack Warne, Head of Digital, Optix Solutions

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