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20 September 2023

Unpacking BrightonSEO 2023: Insights and Takeaways

Let's see what Lucy, Luke and Matt had to say about the BrightonSEO 2023.
Unpacking BrightonSEO 2023: Insights and Takeaways

BrightonSEO 2023 was nothing short of a digital marketing extravaganza, delivering a whirlwind of insights and revelations that have left the team buzzing with excitement.

Let's dive into Matt, Lucy, and Luke's thoughts about the world of SEO.


Matt's Key Takeaways: The AI Revolution

In an age where technology is rapidly advancing, AI-generated content is experiencing an unprecedented surge. As large language models gain traction, we're witnessing a shift in how we produce written material.

AI-Generated Content's Surge

As large language models gain traction, the volume of AI-generated content is on the rise. However, Matt emphasised the importance of retaining manual input to ensure content quality remains top-notch, especially in light of Google's core updates, and the Helpful Content Audit in August 2022.

Contextual AI and Google's Search Experience

With Google's push for a more immersive search experience, contextual AI is gaining prominence. Brands must adapt to stand out and engage users while adhering to Google's EEAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) guidelines.

Cross-Platform Content Focus

Matt highlighted the significance of cross-platform content. In an era where users frequently hop between platforms for their searches, crafting content that resonates across different mediums is essential.


Lucy's Key Takeaways: The Multi-Platform Approach

Lucy's emphasis on a multi-platform approach underscores the evolving nature of user behaviour. With users increasingly dispersing their online activities across various platforms, businesses must adapt to this new reality.

Providing a seamless and consistent experience across these platforms is not just a best practice, but a fundamental requirement for staying competitive in the digital landscape.

TikTok Insights

Lucy was intrigued by the concept that "the content of nothingness is the content of everything." This notion became apparent through trends like "Get Ready with Me" on TikTok, showcasing the platform's unique creative potential.


The Rule of One for Perfect Messaging

In an era where attention spans are fleeting, Lucy's advice on messaging is a golden rule. Clear and concise messaging is paramount, as evidenced by the fact that nearly half of users will leave a website if they find the messaging unclear.

The "rule of one" simplifies the messaging process, ensuring that it caters to one idea, one reader, and one promise.


Going Viral on TikTok

Surprisingly, knowing what not to do can be just as crucial as knowing what to do. Additionally, swift action on trends is key; if you haven't jumped on board by day two, it might be best to skip it.


Quantity Over Quality on TikTok

Contrary to traditional content ideals that emphasise polished and refined content, TikTok's ecosystem often rewards quantity over quality. Lucy underscores the importance of consistency and frequency in content creation.

This approach aligns with TikTok's unique culture, where authentic and relatable content often outshines meticulously crafted pieces.


Creative Strategy

Lucy encourages a holistic approach to creative strategy. By focusing on strategy and ideas before diving into creative execution and measurement, businesses can ensure their content aligns with broader goals and objectives.

This method fosters a more deliberate and results-oriented approach to content marketing, ultimately leading to better outcomes.

Luke's Key Takeaways: A Dose of SEO Realism

Luke, our ever-practical Head of Paid Media, delivered a statement that might seem deceptively simple, yet it carries the weight of SEO's undeniable complexities: "SEO is hard."

Sometimes, stating the obvious in the most straightforward way can be oddly refreshing, reminding us all that SEO is not for the faint of heart.

It's the digital version of navigating a labyrinth while juggling flaming swords – okay, maybe not that dramatic, but you get the picture. In a field where change is the only constant, Luke's words are a beacon of SEO realism, urging us to embrace the challenge with a knowing smile and a determined spirit.

BrightonSEO 2023 was an eye-opening experience that delivered a treasure trove of insights and actionable strategies. Matt, Lucy, and Luke returned with a wealth of knowledge that will undoubtedly shape their future endeavours in digital marketing.

As we continue to navigate the ever-evolving SEO landscape, one thing remains clear – staying informed and adapting to change is the key to success.

20 September 2023
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