29 Schema MarkUp Tools For Understanding, Validating, and Implementing Schema for SEO

There are lots of reasons to consider improving the structured data on your website by using Schema.org’s markup. As well as making your content more eligible for certain Rich Results in the SERP, incorporating schema markup into your site provides another layer of information for search engines to understand the content on your site and the nature of your project or business. 

While structured data is not a ranking factor, it is a technical SEO technique that allows your content to show in parts of the SERP that your site would otherwise not be able to access. 

Though you do not need to be able to “code” in order to learn and use schema, it is important that you understand how to ensure that your code is error-free and easily readable by Google and other search engines. 

The tools below will help you to create new schema markup, understand your schema markup, and troubleshoot your markup where necessary.

Resources for Learning, Generating, and Validating Schema.Org Structured Data On Your Website

At Optix Solutions, we have worked with various clients to implement and improve schema using a range of methods and tools. The following is a list of some of our favourite tools: 

Structured Data Research Tools

Testing Your Code:

Auditing Your Implementation at Scale:

Chrome Extensions:

Structured Data Generation Tools & SASS:

Primers on How to Use & Understand Schema:

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