How We Helped An Exeter Business Achieve Over 100 Enquiries A Month

You’d find it hard to walk into many businesses in the South West without seeing one of Thirsty Work’s water coolers. The company is the leading supplier of hot and cold water coolers in this region and are pushing onto other areas of the country with alacrity.

We’ve been working with the team at Thirsty Work for the last few years after one of their directors saw our co-founder Alastair speak at an event at the Exeter Chiefs. From that point he decided he wanted to invest in their online presence. Admitting to themselves that they’d not given too much thought to their website in previous years, all that was about to change and now it’s a major part of their sales process.

In the last few years we’ve designed and developed two websites for their company and the thing we love the most (and talk to all clients about) is that they don’t rest on their laurels. This is a company which is driven by results. When we took over, their website was delivering a handful of enquiries each month. Understandably this lead to a certain amount of cautiousness about jumping in and investing too much into Digital Marketing. Our job was to prove that this could be a serious lead generator and we got to work designing the first site.

We focused heavily on creating a presence with lead gen in mind. An aesthetically pleasing site but with a serious function – to drive opportunities. We ensured that calls to action including free trials, enquiry forms and phone numbers that were always accessible were designed throughout.

After designing the first site, we worked with their internal marketing resource to optimise the site for Search Engines, ensuring they showed up for ‘intention based’ keywords and phrases which businesses were looking for potential suppliers with. We also started to carefully watch the analytics and carried out a number of Conversion Rate Optimisation experiments, designed to drive further leads and make sure the site was performing as optimally as possible.

In less than a year the site was generating as much as a single ‘lead generator’ making calls to local businesses, a step change from where they were prior to engaging us. But they didn’t stop there. We began conversations about improving the usability and design of the site and we quickly found ourselves designing the second iteration. Their new site is now live and we continue to work with their team to drive even more leads.

As we write this, the site is generating as many opportunities as three ‘lead generators’ – over 100 a month. This is a phenomenal increase and is not only down to us but also the impact their internal team, working closely with ours.

Thirsty Work and Optix Solutions

Xenia from our Marketing team with Will and Matt from Thirsty Work

Thirsty Work are a perfect example of the sort of company we love working with. They have a ’thirst’ (pardon the pun) for improvement and never stand still. We have a great partnership. They trust us and we love working with them. The meetings are always fun and generate lots of ideas for both sides to work on. The next step for 2020 is to double leads from the site and we’re excited to be part of that journey.

If your business is struggling to make your site work for you then it could be down to a few simple things. Just because a site looks nice, doesn’t mean it will generate enquiries, that’s where the twenty years of expertise we bring comes in. Give us a call if you want to pop in and chat to us about your site or want an audit of where you are now and how we might be able to help you.

Alastair Banks

Alastair co-founded Optix Solutions with his university course mates in 1999. Since then he has gone on to be recognised as a real expert in his field, consulting for a number of national organisations and speaking on his subject matter all over the UK and Europe.

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