Optix Talk Podcast: Heroes of the Recovery Economy with Stephanie Darkes

Stephanie Darkes Podcast

In this edition of the Optix Talk podcast,  Stephanie Darkes of Exploring Exeter shares how online communities can help small businesses to recover post-Covid.

About our Guest Stephanie Darkes

Stephanie Darkes has grown and developed an active local social media following of over 30k. She is a blogger at Exploring Exeter and contributor to Exeter Life and Devon Life magazines. In 2020, she became the mastermind behind the UNESCO City of Literature team supported We are All Heroes project & exhibition.

In this discussion, Stephanie shares insights into how small businesses can reach out to online communities as they reopen and the value of connecting with each other during this time.

Listen to The Optix Talk Podcast:

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The interview is part of a collection of Covid Recovery Economy resources and marketing insights from Optix Solutions. Visit our www.optixsolutions.co.co.uk to find out more about:

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