I’ve always been a big fan of the quote: “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” The same goes for digital. I see far more businesses without digital strategies than with. In fact, I’d imagine they outnumber them 10-1. This for me is a…

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If you’re looking to grow your mailing list, increase conversion or drive traffic to a certain page on your website, you may be considering using a pop up. And with good reason, because a recent study, on almost 2 billion pop-ups, showed that the best performing pop ups forms have surprisingly good conversion rates with…

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Social Media Marketing – The Why

Social media has revolutionised communication.  It has created a whole new paradigm which engages users on a new level. This means that the traditional ways of communication are not having the impact it used to, and marketers are having to think of more creative ways to get their business messages heard. 

In 2016 alone, social media users have risen by 176 million. 

So, this is useful in that you have an audience right there, waiting to be marketed to. This is tricky because so many other businesses are also wanting to get in front of them.

For businesses this means that in order to stay ahead in the market you have to be at the forefront of communication, making yourselves both heard and stand out in a range of different social media platforms, each with their own styles, methods and trends.  

Social media users have an average of 5.54 social media accounts each

One of the questions we get asked most here at Optix is: Which social media platform should I use? With users having on average 5.5 social media accounts it’s hard to know where to start. We always say it’s better to have less accounts but do them better. For example, we use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as our primary social media channels, and invest in them heavily to ensure that we (and our followers) get the most out of the accounts.

12 new social media users are added every second

Optix Solutions prides itself at being fore runners in this domain, looking at trends and directions, and predicting, accurately, where social media is likely to go.  This forward looking approach means we are able to make the best decisions now for the future of your social media and make sure your company hits all those new users!

Want to get ahead with social media but not sure where to start? Come to our workshop next week: 

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A/B Testing Your Emails

The term A/B testing is effectively marketing jargon for an experiment with two variants. In an email campaign you would typically create two of the same emails but each with a different component. 

For example, you might change the email subject line or an image within the email body but keep everything else the same. You would then send the different emails to two small segments of your recipient list and see which email gets the most interaction.

The Subject Line

By changing the subject line, you can determine which email is opened more often.

You could try changing the following:

  • Personalisation – Test whether using the recipient’s name or a generic term leads to more opens and improves your open rate
  • Promotion – Which promotional wording is more successful?
  • Punctuation – For example, the difference between using exclamation marks or not.

From Name

Does your recipient respond better to an individual, company or product name? You can change the ‘from’ name and also the email address the email is sent from.

Email Content

This could involve changing something as small as a sub-section title to a completely different design altogether. 

Other components to test could be:

  • Images within the email body
  • Call-to-actions
  • Header images
  • Article length

The results

You can monitor anything from open rates and bounce rates to the location in which your emails are opened using an email marketing platform such as Optixmail. This is key to perfecting your emails and getting the best return on investment for your campaigns.

Look out for our next blog explaining what you should be looking for when tracking an email. 

For more information on how you can optimise your testing, call us – 01392 667766.

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How to Write an Excellent Email Subject

Did you know that 75% of your email success is gated by your subject line?

Whilst the content of your email is key to persuading your audience to use your product or service, the subject line will be what persuades your customers to open the email in the first place. This blog post is all about avoiding the many pitfalls of email subject writing.

Top 5 things you can include in an email subject


By using reasons, you are convincing your user to do something based on a number of logical explanations, usually presented in a list format which people respond well to.

Example:  ‘10 reasons why you should be using email’


Here, you are outlining the benefits of the product or service, this implies a promise which users will find hard to resist.

Example: Using the phrase ‘losing weight’ instead of ‘diet’.


The linguistic structure of a question requires the reader to pause and respond, which buys you a few more seconds of their time. The user probably already has an idea of the answer; therefore they will want to open the email to fulfil their natural desire of affirmation.

Example: ‘So you think email is useful?’


Whilst using testimonials in the email body is fairly common practice, it can also be used in the subject line as validation. Using testimonials also fits in with Social Proof – the theory sometimes referred to as ‘herd behaviour’. This is the theory that in a situation where the answer is unknown, humans will tend to conform to another human’s behaviour.

Example: ‘Why Director Alistair Banks, Uses Email’.

How To

This type of email promises to reveal how to achieve the benefit, appealing to a range of users from the experts to the amateurs of the chosen subject.

Example: ‘How to Get the Most Out of Email Marketing’.

So, having looked at some things you can do to improve your email open rates, let’s have a look at some of the things you should be careful of.


Even if you are not actually a spammer, sometimes your emails will get in to the wrong folder. This is mostly due to certain words or phrases being used in your subject line. Make sure you do your research and check that the words you are using are not included – especially if it is your first email campaign. 

10 spam words/phrases that may surprise you

  • Amazing
  • Buy Direct
  • Certified
  • Free Access
  • Guarantee
  • Increase Traffic
  • Laser Printer
  • Marketing Solutions
  • Urgent
  • No Fees

Email marketing can often be a case of trial and error, so using A/B Split testing for different audiences is a good way of being able to tell what works for your customers and what doesn’t. 

If you’d like more advice on email marketing contact our team on 01392 667766.

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