Optix Talk Podcast: Heroes of the Recovery Economy with Stephanie Darkes

In this edition of the Optix Talk podcast,  Stephanie Darkes of Exploring Exeter shares how online communities can help small businesses to recover post-Covid. About our Guest Stephanie Darkes Stephanie Darkes has grown and developed an active local social media following of over 30k. She is a blogger at Exploring Exeter and contributor to Exeter…

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Why Hire a Digital Marketing Agency (To Work Alongside Your In-House Marketing Team)

Paraphrasing Vocabulary.com, an agency is defined as the following: An agency usually provides a service. The Latin word “agere” means “to do or manage,” and it’s a fitting ancestor for agency, a word that means an institution that manages or specialises in something. A recent conversation with a client got me thinking about the value…

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Understanding Local SEO During Covid Recovery

It’s easy to assume with businesses becoming more digital, that the physical location of a  business has become less important. Well for some businesses this may be true, but for many there is significant evidence to show that where you are matters for which customers you attract and which businesses are able to thrive. And…

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Optix Talk: Data Quality and Machine Learning with Joyann Boyce

Optix Talk Podcast: Data Quality and Machine Learning with Joyann Boyce On this edition of Optix Talk, we are discussing Data Quality & Machine Learning with Joyann Boyce. Joyann is the founder of The Social Detail, A Bristol Based Consultancy Specialising in Inclusive Marketing Strategy,  has recently completed a Data Fellowship with South West Creative Technology Network,…

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Using Core Web Vitals for Competitor Benchmarking

With Google’s Core Web Vitals ranking update on its way later this year; is there an opportunity for marketers and site owners to see how their site may compare against the competition? There certainly is, and the good news is you can benchmark the competition using a variety of free web tools. Let me explain.…

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