Questions to Ask a Digital Marketing Candidate

Interviewing candidates for a Digital Marketing role can be tricky. Marketers don’t typically have a portfolio and, whilst case studies are handy, they normally show the results of a team effort rather than the work of a single person. If your skillset is less technical than the person you’re hiring it can be difficult to…

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Apple IDFA Privacy Changes: What Marketers Need to Know

Apple have recently made changes to their privacy settings for device identifiers and this will have an impact on how certain digital marketing campaigns are targeted and tracked. Any campaigns which use IDFA may be affected. What’s IDFA? The Identifier For Advertisers (IDFA) is an identifier used on Apple devices. It does not identify you…

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Optix Talk Podcast: Heroes of the Recovery Economy with Stephanie Darkes

In this edition of the Optix Talk podcast,  Stephanie Darkes of Exploring Exeter shares how online communities can help small businesses to recover post-Covid. About our Guest Stephanie Darkes Stephanie Darkes has grown and developed an active local social media following of over 30k. She is a blogger at Exploring Exeter and contributor to Exeter…

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Why Hire a Digital Marketing Agency (To Work Alongside Your In-House Marketing Team)

Paraphrasing, an agency is defined as the following: An agency usually provides a service. The Latin word “agere” means “to do or manage,” and it’s a fitting ancestor for agency, a word that means an institution that manages or specialises in something. A recent conversation with a client got me thinking about the value…

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