Coronavirus Response Updates

15th of July Our Operations Director Rob Stevens was recently interviewed by our intern Helen who wanted to learn more about how we have responded to Covid19 and the impact it has had on our business. You can find the full interview here. 1st of July New Podcast featuring guest Ben Rotheray of the Value…

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New Google Ads Fees

Google recently announced that it will be adding a digital services tax fee to Google Ads spend for adverts served in the UK, Turkey and Australia. In the UK the cost will be 2% of ad spend, paid monthly. Google’s email announcing the change said that the fee is “driven” by the new digital service…

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Questions to Ask a Digital Marketing Candidate

Interviewing candidates for a Digital Marketing role can be tricky. Marketers don’t typically have a portfolio and, whilst case studies are handy, they normally show the results of a team effort rather than the work of a single person. If your skillset is less technical than the person you’re hiring it can be difficult to…

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