User Experience and User Interface – think it’s digital jargon? We can assure you it’s not and we can help you figure out and implement magnificent user journeys and a positive experience when users interact with you and your brand.



Short for user experience.

“the UX is absolutely seamless and the users prefer that”



Short for user interface.

“the means in which a person controls a software application or hardware device”



UX is an integral part of the creation of great UI. When building a house a good architect will define the spaces, shapes and materials. They will think about the location and surrounding area along with the clients needs. The architect is defining the user experience. An interior designer will then begin to realise the look and feel of each room and how the homeowner will interact with their environment. The interior designer is creating the user interface.

Building a website follows the same principles – the difference between good and great is making UX and UI matter. It is critical to guide a user through your website to the product or service they need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Starting with UX we take a holistic approach, stepping outside of the visual layer of design. Uncovering the people, mindsets, objectives and identifying how all these should align to reduce barriers and create the best possible experience.

An example of this would be to think about the user visiting the website for the first time. How there is a learning period in which you must guide and establish familiarity, so navigating becomes instinctive. On their second or third visit to the website the user is able to draw on this familiarity and navigate new content / sections without facing barriers.

We pay attention to every touchpoint the user may interact with or be influenced by and from this comes great UX.

The next step is to translate the UX visually and create an interface through which the user interact and find the information or product they are looking for quickly and efficiently. We strive to create designs that are consistent and which have clarity as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

Our UX and UI designers working closely together to create the best possible UX and UI’s within budget and project scope.

We’d love to talk to you about your UX and UI needs,  get in touch  and we’ll get the map ready.