Pay Per Click advertising is a tool used to encourage meaningful traffic to your website, unlike SEO, you pay Search Engines to help you achieve this.  It offers the chance for your business to feature in front of the right people at the right time with the right messaging.

Paying for clicks on a perfectly formed ad sounds like the simplest thing in the world. But is it?  Behind every online ad is a wealth of settings and data to make the process work. As paid advertising becomes ever more specialised, understanding the intricacies of PPC will ensure you’ll succeed in meeting your digital advertising goals.


Our PPC team are experts in their field offering not only dedicated account management and PPC Training for Google Ads but also management and training in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Bing PPC.

By recommending the best strategies and using a combination of data and expert know-how, we’ll help to make the most of your budget and generate a positive ROI.


We were one of the first agencies in the South West to be awarded Google Ads Partner status.



This means that we manage client spend of at least £10,000 a month, run our accounts to a high standard (as defined by Google) and have staff who are Google Ads certified. So what does that mean for you?

As well as being able to offer financial discounts to clients we have a direct line of support to Google. Plus, we’re a managed Google Ads agency which means for any brand new client account that starts on an Google Ads adventure Google will directly provide up to 13 weeks of assistance to get you off to the best possible start.


We’re completely transparent about how your money is used and the techniques we’re using for your PPC campaigns. From explaining the ins-and-outs of ad extensions, to suggestions on your landing page copy-  we’re up front and honest about how your ads are running and how they can be improved.


Whatever you need from us, we can help! As standard we send a report directly to your inbox to tell you how your pay per click campaigns are performing. Should you require more information we can provide more in-depth reports, presentation to your stakeholders or training so you can learn to understand your PPC accounts. Whatever you need, we ensure you’re well supported.

Need more information? No problem, get in touch and we’ll put the kettle on.