Over 200+ factors are audited at by Google when it comes to deciding where to position your website in its search results. Yet, one of the most important factors is quality relationships with other digital heavy weights through the sharing of links.

Every time you’ve pressed ‘click here’ ‘visit x’ or ‘more info’ – that’s a link. And every link provides a thumbs up to Google that the site it’s linking to should be trusted. We call this authority; and the more high quality links you have means the more authority for a website.

The good news is that greater website authority seems to mean better rankings in search engines and more rankings means more traffic for you.


Way back when, gaining links was no harder than filling in your credit card details. Buying tens of thousands of links across the web may have worked back in the 1990’s, but not now.

The focus should never be on buying links. It’s should always be on acquiring links. Relevant, quality, influential links.

To acquire them:

  • We Search – High and low across the web, we hunt down the best websites that could provide a link back to your site. But only relevant websites that meet a strict set of criteria from an SEO perspective. After all if you sell Ferraris in London, gaining a random link from a cheese factory in Seattle doesn’t help anyone.
  • We Contact – From our narrowed down list we reach out to these websites to see how we could form a partnership on a piece of content that benefits everyone involved.
  • We Develop – Depending on resources and requirements we come to a decision about the best, content that could be used. From insightful articles to infographics we then go out of our way to create meaningful traffic that both attracts visitors and helps gain that all-important link.
  • We Monitor – After the content we created goes live we track the link and everything that it can potentially bring your website. From direct traffic to an increase in rankings we’ll be able to monitor the effect of our Digital Outreach.

From this point we continue the process; finding sites and building meaningful content to expand the number of high quality links pointing back to you.

Need more information? No problem, get in touch and we’ll put the kettle on.