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GRIDIMP, Delivering smart energy now

Affordable, automated solutions to link you up to the Smart Grid.


Gridimp started as a collaboration between Richard & Ed, who are dedicated to solving the complex challenge of smart grids and energy flexibility in the UK. Their aim was to make a fully automated, easy to use, real-world solution capable of connecting all businesses to the smart grid, flexible in terms of when and how much energy they use and responsive to real time communications from the energy network.

The result was the impHub, core to all Gridimp’s solutions and services, supported by a wider infrastructure and dedicated team that allows all businesses to join the smart grid, being flexible and low carbon in their energy use. 

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Gridimp required a platform to showcase how their system brings real change to how businesses use and engage with energy to deliver a cleaner, greener energy system. The website needed to be really engaging as well as responsive and easy to use.


Through our creative and data-led approach well defined business offerings were established. A user flow was then generated and agreed, becoming a blueprint from which designs were created. We collaborated with the Gridimp team at all times to ensure we were consistently delivering against our identified project criteria.

The Design


"We had experienced exceptional growth over the past year, and needed a company with a proven track record to help us to elevate our online presence and better represent ourselves to our customers. 

Optix were instrumental in helping us take both our brand and site to the next level. They combined their in-depth understanding of both SEO and design to create a site that has scope for the future, and will give us a way to grow online."

Katie Ryan | Gridimp


Brand assets

A UI kit for the website was designed and created to help cascade the brand look and feel internally.

Responsive Web

The main core website pages were colour branded to ensure a consistant Gridimp feel. All supporting the vision aorund delivering this smart, flexible, clean energy system.


"One of the most impressive things about Optix was the way they went above and beyond to truly understand our brand and UX: they conducted a thorough audit of our site and suggested and implemented detailed improvements to ensure our new site is as good as it can be. The level of passion and attention Optix shows for their clients is second to none, and we couldn't recommend them highly enough."

Katie Ryan | Gridimp

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