We’ve launched our 2021 Academy!

On 11th December we hosted the launch of the Optix 2021 Digital Academy! Attendees received an update and overview of the Academy story so far from Alastair, an insightful interview with a delegate from the 2019/2020 cohort, an update from Becky on what the Academy will look like in 2021 and finally, an opportunity to “Ask the Trainer”, where Jack answered a range of digital queries from the audience, giving a taster of the quality of training Academy attendees will receive. The online event, attended by businesspeople from all over the South West, was a huge success and a brilliant opportunity to come together and showcase the motivation behind the Digital Academy and the array of skills it can equip your business with.

The event aimed to exhibit just how much the Digital Academy can benefit those who take the courses and achieved this through a detailed overview of the three versions of the Academy: offline, online and bespoke. Attendees were talked through the content offered in all three versions, the course structure and the key benefits that can be achieved through each version of the Academy, showing viewers that there is a pathway to suit anyone regardless of their schedule, location or needs.

As well as providing viewers with all the key information they need about the Academy courses themselves, we wanted to offer insight into the story behind the Academy to show viewers the real quantity and quality of work that led up to the launch – viewers received an update from Al on the Academy so far and how he sees training fitting into digital strategy. He gave an insight into the journey the Academy has been through over the past 5 years, and how it was born as something to help navigate changes digital agencies were facing in their market and to offer a type of training that didn’t already exist in the South West.

What made the event so special was hearing positive feedback from those who have been through the Academy process during 2019/2020. In an interview with Becky, a previous Academy delegate, Kate from Event Exeter, talked about how much the Academy has helped her personally and how she has taken actions from every session to use in her workplace. Kate encouraged viewers to take part in the Academy too, describing it as “friendly” and “intimate” and touched upon how, through the Academy, you make friends along the way with like-minded businesspeople who you can talk to about similar challenges or problems you may be facing in your businesses. We also heard from Alex Mackie from Tozers Solicitors talking about an employee of his with 6 years of digital marketing experience, who he put through the course last year. He found the Academy to be “a really useful refresher of things he’d chosen to forget” and that it offered “some real food for thought on new techniques”.

The event overall was a great opportunity to connect with those who may be interested in the Academy and to showcase how useful and beneficial the Academy is and has been for those who have already attended. If you are interested in finding out more about the Academy please contact us on academy@optixsolutions.co.uk.

Becky Brennan

Becky is our Account Director at Optix - she leads accounts for our key clients, manages the Optix Digital Academy, all our events and supports sales activity. Becky has a digital agency background, having coordinated strategic digital projects for household names across the UK.

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