Introducing Our New Podcast: Optix Talk

It’s more important than ever for us to keep in contact with our clients, partners and the wider community at a time like this when we’re all physically distant. We also love talking about Digital – the latest developments, new tactics we’re experimenting with and trends we’re seeing in the wider industry. We’re always talking (or Slacking each other) about these things so we have decided to launch a Podcast to share more of our discussions with you.

Our Podcast is called Optix Talk, you can stream it online here and find it on Spotify by clicking on this link or searching for “Optix Talk”. It will be on other platforms shortly – drop us a line if you have any difficulties finding it.

The first few episodes are taken from our recent OptixTV Webinars so if you want to know more about using a Digital mindset to pivot your business or training opportunities for Digital Marketers then tune in. We’ll also be releasing some quick tips episodes discussing some of the ways in which businesses can adapt to the current situation and use Digital Marketing to strengthen their position in these difficult times.

Thomas Haynes

Thomas Haynes is a Digital Marketer with 14 years' experience. He specialises in Digital Strategy and is the Head of Digital at Optix Solutions

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