Optix Solutions Announces Sponsorship of Likeminds Festival

Back in 2009 something pretty incredible happened in Exeter. A new business community was born. The brainchild of two innovative and extremely ‘digitally connected’ entrepreneurs created the brand which got the rest of the country looking at Exeter and admiring its ability to put on such a show.

For that year I’m sure I remember the various headlines about ‘London descending on Exeter’ and ‘the silicon valley of the UK’. The community that I’m talking about is Like Minds and their Ideas Festival is back to stay in Devon!

In September this year the Like Minds Ideas Festival is going to hit the town again. Miss it and I guarantee you’ll miss out.

As I write this post there are “2 4 1” tickets going until the end of the month – you can book those here: http://bit.ly/LMXOptix

A little bit about #LikeMinds

The first topic they covered was social media (it was all pretty new 2009) the event has adapted and evolved over the years and is a Global Ideas Festival this years topic is “From Startup to Scaleup” but you can rest assured that its deep seated roots are in digital communication and if you therefore have any interest in that area you need to make sure you’re there. All the speakers will be impressive and thought provoking from a broad range of businesses and digital brands such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Microsoft.

One of their previous speakers Robert Bean says:

“Like Minds is an intellectual playground where thinkers, strategists, agents provocateurs, innovators, challengers and mavericks can open up, share ideas and be inspired in a warm, welcoming and world-wide environment. If you haven’t been, go. You’ll see the future there; most likely, yours.”

And the press confirm it:

“Like Minds is Brain Food” The Financial Times. 

“Like Minds is a Global Top 10 Ideas Festival” The Guardian.

I’m very proud to announce that Optix is sponsoring the event this year as we did eight years ago. Our brand is synonymous with the digital industry both locally and growing nationally (see our recent expansion to Bristol) and we feel its only right to align ourselves with this event and show the country that you don’t just need to look to big cities to find good digital agencies. They exist in Devon too!

So we’ll be there, many of our friends and clients will be there. The question is will you be there?

Book Now…. http://bit.ly/LMXOptix

Check out @wearelikeminds on Twitter and their group on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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