Embrace Social Media

Even by the internet’s rapid standards, the rise of Social Networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Digg has been nothing short of meteoric.

With hundreds of millions of people worldwide using social networks regularly and their popularity continuing to grow on a daily basis, they represent a massive marketing opportunity to switched-on business.

Optix Solutions is committed to giving its clients the edge over their competitors by harnessing the potential presented by the latest developments in internet technology, and offers a specifically tailored service to help them effectively incorporate Social Media into marketing strategies.

Email marketing is a relatively inexpensive but highly effective means of generating business, but it is limited by the size of your contacts list. The beauty of Social Media is that your audience has no such limits.

A subscriber who finds information from your organisation of interest can share that information with their contacts. Their contacts may in turn pass this on to their friends and associates…. and so it goes on. It is the online equivalent of ‘word-of-mouth’ advertising.

However, as you are dealing with an essentially social process, it is important that you get the balance between promoting a product and engaging potential customers right.

In order to cultivate potential new leads generated by exposure on social networks, it is imperative not to put people off with simple hard sell. Instead you need to offer genuine and verifiable solutions to user needs through on-going dialogue.

Optix’s team of experts will advise you on how to build a presence that is both accessible and allows your business to pursue possible income-generating openings by engaging with potential customers.

This will include help in identifying the most relevant social networks to join, creating your profile and ‘fan’ base of interested contacts. We also introduce clients to the full range of communication options, including customised channels for YouTube and Twitter.

Benefits of Social Media include:

– Social Bookmarking allows users to pick out, or ‘bookmark’, a variety of online media, including websites, online articles and press releases, video, podcasts or details of a particular product or service

– Leads and enquiries generated from social networking are visible so can be quantified and tracked

– Increased exposure of your site through sharing leads to greater numbers of hits and higher search engine rankings

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