Christmas Ads with Optix Solutions: Michael Spiers

Christmas is a magical time of year. You get to spend time with friends and loved ones, eat and drink an excessive amount, and buy gifts for people you care about. It is also an amazing time to advertise your business if you sell products like clothes, technology, jewellery, or really anything in between.

This Christmas has been extra special for Optix Solutions, as we have done something we have never done before, which is delve into the world of television production. 

James Dawkins, one of the Managing Directors here at Optix, teamed up with Jonathan Finnis of J Finnis Films to create an amazing 30 second Christmas advert, which promotes some of Michael Spiers’ incredible high-end jewellery. The advert appeared on Sky last week and officially went live on Monday 15th, where it will run until the 24th December.

The advert is the centerpiece of a Christmas campaign, created in collaboration with Michael Spiers’ marketing team, running across multiple digital channels as well as on Sky.

Television production is an enormous industry and as you’ll find out from James himself, it can be challenging and at times, overwhelming. However, it is a fantastic opportunity to expand our business and our brand, and after completing it and seeing the finished product, it’s clear that we can compete with the best in the industry.

We sat down with James to ask him a few questions regarding the advert and the whole production, from start to finish.

What inspired you to make this advert for Michael Spiers?

“I really want our clients to be successful and stand out from their competitors. It was important that we created something emotive and meaningful with a narrative that defines what Michael Spiers is really about.”

What challenges did you overcome during the production, and how did you do it?

“Too many to list but it is ok when you are working with a team that shares the same ambition and drive to produce something beautiful.”

If you were to shoot the advert again, what would you do differently?

“I would shoot it in a studio so we can control the weather/light/environment to exactly how we want it. When you have a small window of opportunity and rain starts lashing down, it can be somewhat tricky.”

Can you describe your relationship with Michael Spiers and why this was a vital part of the process?

“Adam and James are great to work with because they are willing to be ambitious and share that same drive to be different. It has been amazing to work alongside them and I am looking forward to creating many more projects with them.”

We here at Optix feel like this is the start of something new and exciting, and this has been expressed by
Alastair Banks himself.

“A true moment to remember in our company’s history – We’ve created our first Christmas Advert which went live on Sky this week. So proud of my friend and business partner James Dawkins for the creative vision and brilliance behind this. Thanks to so many that made it come to life including the awesome work of Paul, Samuel, Jonny, Xenia, Robert, Vivienne Leonard and Becky. And of course thanks to our amazing client Michael Spiers Jewellers, in particular Fiona Spear, James Walker and Adam Spiers for giving us the opportunity. This is a new chapter in Optix Solutions history as it is clear our creative offerings really can rival the best in the business.”

The advert is included below, along with exclusive behind the scenes footage of James and the team working on the project. 


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