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29 April 2024

Build and Retain an Effective Team of Marketeers - Within the Legal Sector

Let's explore some of the strategies that your business should implement to build and maintain a powerhouse team of marketers, within the legal sector.
Build and Retain an Effective Team of Marketeers - Within the Legal Sector

As your company grows, you need to consider how you can build the perfect marketing team to help your organisation flourish.  To do this, you should focus on the following three areas:  

- Employee branding  

- Team structure  

- KPIs and reports  


Employee Branding  

Make your firm more attractive to potential talent. Employer branding promotes your company, not your products or services.    

Social Media 

Ensure you have a company page on LinkedIn, keep vacancies updated and create a strong community. Encourage your current employees on LinkedIn to become brand ambassadors, sharing why they love working for your company. 


If you are asking employees to be ambassadors, you need to make sure your team feels the culture from within. This can be done through morning huddles, celebrating life goals and gifting employees their own personalised branded stationary. 


Work with other businesses with the same ethos and culture as you. This will drive awareness for recruitment and help cement your brand positioning in the eyes of clients and employees. 


Website Page  

Create a page on your site about your team and demonstrate the culture and why people should join your firm. Millennials and Gen Z particularly want to see what you stand for and who makes up your team. 

Video Content 

Create engaging videos
which can be shared on your website and YouTube page. Interview employees at different levels within the firm, as an authentic way to demonstrate your values, ethos and culture. 

From Partners to new recruits, ask them to talk about why they joined the firm and what they love about working there. 


Thought Leadership  

Demonstrate your expertise across a range of subjects. Encourage employees to share their knowledge on subjects they are passionate about, and that align with your firms' goals.  Aim to present the information in places future employees will see it and engage, consider industry relevant events, local schools or colleges and online platforms. 

Create the Perfect Blended Team  

Develop and retain a perfectly blended team of marketing experts, with a mix of skillsets to ensure the day to day is looked after, any unexpected challenges are resolved effectively, and growth targets are achieved. 


Team Knowledge 

Develop a skills matrix to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each marketer, and to identify up skilling opportunities and areas that require external expert support. Know the limitations of your team.  Discuss with employees where they want to develop and specialise their expertise. 


Team Extension 

Marketing agencies are there to help you. They have seen it all and as a result are often better equipped to deal with unexpected situations. Agencies work as a team sharing experience and knowledge, functioning as an extension of your team, and can be used to fill a skill gap in-house, or work alongside as an objective consulting partner. 

At Optix Solutions, we work as part of your extended team, providing support, insight and generating resulting. Speak to a member of our fab team today and find out more about how we can help your business grow: 


Team Roles  

Create a marketing schedule with clear ownership over different audience segments and channels. This ownership can cover in-house delegation and responsibility as well as external marketing support. 


Team Training  

Training is an investment to empower your staff and minimise the need for external resource.  

It can also help to retain staff as they gain more skills which aids their progression, and in turn improves the outcome of their work. 

Did you know, we offer Digital Marketing courses and training to give your team knowledge, skills and confidence across all areas of marketing: 


Reports and KPIs  

We all know how important tracking & reporting KPI’s are to a successful marketing campaign. But it is also important to share achieved KPI’s & wins internally.  

Having different teams for different sectors makes it challenging to report the right information across the organisation. Each team has different goals, priorities, lead times etc which means that the reports may need to look different.  

Manual reporting is a very time-consuming task, so we recommend using online bespoke dashboards that get updated easily or better yet automatically. It's also worth considering whether each department has specific goals that act as a measure of success and make sure the report reflects this. 

29 April 2024
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