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For the last 10 years we’ve been helping our clients with a number of exciting projects, but until now we’ve not really told anyone about them.

Need help with a Technical Development?

All the projects shown have been built using web technologies but they aren’t marketing websites (hence the reason we rarely talk about them). Many of them are hidden away in the background, created by the forward thinking firms that employ us, to do a certain job.

If you’re looking for innovative ideas or ways to improve your businesses stickiness then you should talk to us – we may just have a few ideas up our sleeves. In the meantime, here are a few projects we’re really proud of building over the last few years.

Ruby Datum


The legal market has a requirement for online deal rooms, these are places to store and collaborate on documents, usually at the point of sale for a business. A few years ago we built Ruby Datum to take on the big boys in this market. We went into business with the top 50 solicitors firm, Ashfords and went about creating this software as a service.

Almost three years on and this operates as a separate business entity with its own staff, operating out of London. The team at Ruby Datum have worked on one of the worlds largest legal firm collapses (KWM) (helping them get millions of documents out to 28 lawyers worldwide) as well as household names such as ….. This really is a flagship product for our firm and one that really shows the complexity of the systems we are able to create.


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Talk about an innovative client, with an amazing idea. This client is always looking for ways to add value to their client base and this is one of their best yet. We have built an online solution to allow their clients to store information for their loved ones after their death. Not only does the platform have a bucket list tool but it allows their clients to store all sorts of useful (but often forgotten) information about themselves online.

They’ve thought of everything – where you stored that family heirloom, what bank accounts you have, your social media logins, its all there. We helped design the system alongside the client, from UX to UI considerations, everything was prototyped, designed and developed by our in-house team at Optix.

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Ashfords Employment Solution was created to provide an online portal for their clients employment needs. The portal offers template documents and training materials in this area of law. It also acts as a signpost to clients in needs of further help at the firm. We have been involved in the design, development and on-going maintenance of this system from concept to completion.