At Optix, Digital Strategy is at the heart of what we do. The digital landscape is so vast that it can be daunting to know where to invest time and budget. Having a strategy creates a set of common goals and the business a vision for its online presence. We will go through a process of in-depth research, recommendations and campaign examples that will provide you with a foundation to build on for the years ahead.


It’s easy to get bogged down in the tactics of Marketing and lose sight of the end goal. No campaign is worth the investment unless it provides real results. Modern marketing demands a holistic approach built around a thoughtful, considered and supportive strategy.

Focusing on strategy allows us to ensure that all our activity is providing the best return on investment for you. It also allows us to work collaboratively with in-house teams and other agencies.


We spend a day in-house getting to know your business, your team’s skill-set and who you have in-house that can act as ambassadors for the strategy. We learn about your aims, values, short and long term activity, resource capability, tone of voice & key competitors. And we all drink a lot of coffee.

We review your previous activity and, more importantly, the results this generated. We dig through your Google Analytics, Google Ads account, Email Marketing accounts, and anything else you might have set-up, to understand what you’ve tried and how well it’s worked. We’ll also look into your competition and what is working well for them.

This is the most creative part of the process and where the expertise of our team really has an impact. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses and implemented thousands of campaigns so we know what works and what doesn’t. We focus on what we know will give you the best results and help you to stand out from your competition.

The Roadmap is a 12 month plan showing you where to focus effort in order to get the results you’re aiming for. It’s a top-level plan which takes into account seasonality, core areas of focus and quick wins. The items in the Roadmap don’t have to be implemented by us – this document can form the basis of your internal marketing plan for the next year. We love to work collaboratively with our clients to get the best results.

We deliver the digital strategy face-to-face and explain what we propose and why. We leave you to roll out your new strategy or if we are lucky we are asked to help.

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