Digital Accessibility Audits

What is a Digital Accessibility Audit?

Digital Accessibility is making a website, app or other digital element accessible to everyone, regardless of any impairments they may have. When information is presented digitally on any device in any format, digital accessibility should be an important consideration you need to review as part of your design process. 

When designing for online, there’s a tendency to make websites and social media posts that stand out and are eye-catching, with usability and accessibility being an afterthought. However, elements like UX, images and navigation can have a significant impact on how and how many potential customers are able to access your content. 

Google describes accessibility as having a ‘curb effect’ in that it benefits all users. So making your site suitable for screen readers is useful for those with vision impairment, but also for those using Google Assistant or other tools to access information without a screen.

Who Should Carry Out an Accessibility Audit?

You should carry out a digital accessibility audit if you would like to broaden the number of users who can engage with your site. This should be a particular priority for those working in the health industry, public sector and charity sectors, but all businesses can benefit from being more digitally accessible.

When Should You Carry Out an Accessibility Audit?

Established websites can carry out digital accessibility audits at any time. Those who are considering developing a new website might wish to consider these issues, carry out an assessment, and implement changes pre-launch. 

What Does An Accessibility Audit Cover?

In our Digital Accessibility Audits, we review, assess and make recommendations for improvements to your website based on four main principles:

  • That your site has a perceivable interface
  • That your site is operable from multiple devices and tools
  • That your site interface is easily understandable
  • That your site is robust enough to be interpreted by a range of technologies and user agents.

For more information about how to conduct an Digital Accessibility audit, contact our team.

Why is Digital Accessibility Important