Why you should be using content

Left with a blank page when asked about content marketing? Don’t know where to make a start? You’re not the only one.

More often than not when asked about content marketing, people will look to the person next to them for the answers, it is an area that can cause a lot of wariness and confusion due to the expanse of options and formats involved. However, it can be one of your most valuable tools as a business: around 9/10 markets use content marketing regardless of the company’s size or industry.

Often just thought of as words or writing, content encompasses everything you might use to convey information to your target market. Images, infographics and videos, are all instrumental in creating the full package. Your audience are the most important people when wanting to establish customers and content marketing is all about creating valuable and relevant information that appeals to them.

Hootsuite, an application that enables you to schedule social media posts in advance to save you both time and energy, created a video called ‘Game of Social Thrones’. This clever piece of content marketing appealed to a wide audience of already established fans of the show and maybe introduced them to a business that they had never even heard before. The video pushed information out in an alternative and appealing way. Check it out here:

Game of Social Thrones

This Hootsuite example shows just how versatile and creative content marketing can be.

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