Digital Marketing MBA led by Optix Solutions at the University of Exeter

The Optix Digital Academy has been expanding over the last year, as you may have seen, with self taught online courses joining the live group sessions (our bread and butter offering). We’ve had some brilliant companies sign up to both styles of learning, and we couldn’t quite believe it when the University of Exeter got in contact to talk about the Academy supporting a new Digital Marketing MBA module for their MBA programme.

The Exeter MBA curriculum includes opportunities for the students to take short elective modules, in supplementary subjects such as Digital Marketing. The Digital Marketing MBA module we were invited to deliver on was aimed at giving the students an industry insight into Digital Marketing fundamentals and how it works in practice. Our Head of Training, Jack Warne, worked to create a programme of content which would teach a solid understanding of the different elements of Digital Marketing, such as Personas, PPC and SEO, and how businesses use these to strategically approach their objectives. 

Delivered by Jack Warne and Becky Brennan, our Head of Academy, over just one week, it was an intense four days of learning, followed by an assessment presentation on the final day. The assessment involved the students working together in groups to put together a digital marketing strategy for a household brand and presenting it back to us as a panel of ‘senior exec’s’ from that company.

We were blown away by the presentations; the level of understanding, and strategic thinking was so impressive when you think how many days we’d spent with the students. Throughout the week, they asked insightful questions about the content and our roles at Optix, and it was a pleasure to have played a very small part in shaping these bright leaders of the future! A very big thank you particularly to the University of Exeter for inviting us, and a really humbling accolade for the Optix Academy to achieve so early in its existence.

Jack Warne

Jack Warne is Digital Marketing Manager at Optix Solutions. After several years of living in Japan, Jack returned to become a Digital Marketer in 2015. He's also the lead instructor for the Optix Academy.

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