Introducing Our New Podcast: Optix Talk

It’s more important than ever for us to keep in contact with our clients, partners and the wider community at a time like this when we’re all physically distant. We also love talking about Digital – the latest developments, new tactics we’re experimenting with and trends we’re seeing in the wider industry. We’re always talking…

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Tips for CEOs to Shine Online

In today’s update Alastair talks about how CEOs can shine online: We are living through a time when CEO’s and Directors can really shine. The eyes of the world are upon social media so what better time to step up, to share, to educate to give value to those around you on what you know…

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Free Webinar – How to Up Your Digital Skills from Home

Introducing our next OptixTV Webinar, ‘How to Up Your Digital Skills from Home’ As an agency we have to ensure that our Digital skills are constantly up-to-date and that more important now than ever before. We’re strong believers in the power of training and the need for everyone to keep their skills fresh, so much…

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