Looking for a complete website design and development overhaul? Or just a refresh on your existing look and feel? Then you’ve come to the right place. We think it’s important that you know about this process from start to finish, so wherever we may be on our project journey you can follow this process with us so you know what to expect as we move forward.

There’s a lot of elements that go into a website project, we often say it’s like climbing a mountain – great views on the way but a lot of hard work to get to the top. Often our clients say that getting a web project completed can also feel like climbing a mountain internally, so what better way to conquer this mountain, than together, camp by camp until we reach the summit.

With experts in user experience, information architecture, digital design and development all under one roof you know your project is going to get the very best care and attention by people who specialise in these areas.

Below is the website process we will go through whatever the size of the website project. For more information on how we can help you with your website design and development project, please fill in our Project Planner.

Base Camp


We’ll work with you to help define your key performance indicators and create a digital experience that really speaks to your users and meets your objectives. Firstly we’ll start with a Client Exploration meeting.. This involves the key stakeholders from both sides getting together to discuss creative ideas and gives us a chance to get to know you and your business.

We’ll ask you what your goals and objectives are so we can design and build a site which helps you meet these. We’ll hold your hand at all times, speaking as technically or commercially as you want us to. We won’t use jargon (unless you want us to) and there will only be one thing in our mind at all times. How we can improve your business.

Next we create a technical specification document which we’ll work on together, highlighting what functionality, design and general requirements are needed. You’ll then receive this document to sign via eversign (an online signature tool) so we both have a contract of agreement to move on to camp 2.

Camp 2:


This is the stage that our clients enjoy the most, and don’t tell anyone else, but we do too! It’s the part of the climb that’s really exciting – great views, some hard work but plenty of time to chat and get summit ready.

Firstly, you’ll receive a comprehensive timings plan detailing what you can expect from us and when to expect it, plus what we’ll need from you and your team in order to meet deadlines and the project Go Live! Date.

We’ll now move on to getting the design elements of the project right. From a first initial design to the final design templates – you’ll get three rounds of amends within the cost of your project.

As to be expected with projects of this nature there’s usually a few stakeholders to involve so we ask that we have one point of contact who collates all the feedback and presents this to us – in person is great but a comprehensive email is great too as it works as a checklist to avoid either of us missing anything.

Once the final designs have been approved you’ll receive a document to sign off – again via eversign.

Now to move on to camp 3.

Camp 3:


Stage three sees us rally the developers and begin the build. During this stage do expect things to go a little quieter than the first stages, as we begin creating your project. The developers, designer and your project manager will be working together to ensure the build goes as smoothly as possible.

It’s the hardest part of the climb towards the mountain peak, everyone will knuckle down that bit harder and keep pushing upwards towards the great view that promises to be worth waiting for.

This will also be the time that your project manager will be working with you on your content migration – but don’t worry all of this will be in the timings plan and your PM will keep you informed.

Now we’re ready for camp 4.

Camp 4:



From camp 4 you’ll start to see the peak of the mountain your website project is nearly complete. It’s at this point after climbing upwards for all of those weeks and days where we’ll all need that magnificent last push of energy to complete the project. It’s a lot of fun but be prepared for a buzz of activity.

Here’s when you can expect to start to play with the project, get clicking, testing, and breathing it all in. You’ll get to make technical amends but nothing that changes the main functionality of the site – if any such changes should need to be made then, of course we’ll accommodate it as much as we can – although please note this may require additional costs out of the specification agreement.

Once you’re happy – you’ve guessed it we’ll ask you to sign off on this penultimate stage via eversign and move to get your project live!

The Summit:


GO LIVE! Yep this is the stage everyone has been waiting for. Here we’ll be finishing any testing, fixing any little bugs that may have snuck in and then we’re ready to put your project live!

We’ll send you the final project to marvel at and once everyone is with happy, the project will be available for your stakeholders, staff, friends, family and pets to see!

If you have any questions about any of these stages please do get in touch with us and we’ll happily get them answered for you.