What Video Hosting Platform Should I Use?

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After hours of filming, editing and rendering you have finally created the perfect video. It’s all polished and ready to go, but what platform should you put it on? You know you want it on your website, but you aren’t sure whether or not you should be uploading it to YouTube or Vimeo (and then embedding it into your site), hosting it yourself, or using a third-party hosting platform.

We are going to look at the different video hosting options to help you decide where to put your video, so that you can present your video in the best light possible.

Start by Defining the Objective…

Do you want to convert viewers? Do you want to raise brand awareness? Do you want your video to appear in search? Does the platform you are using align with the companies branding? These are the sorts of questions that will help you decide which platform you should be using. If you are wanting to raise brand awareness, then YouTube may be the best platform for you, whilst if you want to convert viewers into potential leads or sales you might want to use a platform with less advertising distractions such as Vimeo.

The Negatives of YouTube and Vimeo…

  • Your video isn’t being watched on your website and you don’t receive any benefit when people share or embed your video (unless they are sharing the page that your video is embedded on within your website)
  • ‘Suggested videos’ that appear next to your video are distracting to those that are viewing your video (also a competitor’s video could appear alongside yours!)
  • Ads often appear next to and during your video which is distracting to the viewer (whilst Vimeo doesn’t play disruptive adverts at the beginning of your video, it does display adverts on the website. Even if you pay for an account this only stops you seeing the advert, not a viewer that may have a free account).

So What About Self-Hosting a Video?

Self-hosting your videos is the best way to:

1. Generate ‘rich snippets’ for your own domain so that the video for your website appears in the search engine results. For example, instead of your video appearing on YouTube in the search results, your website will appear in the search results (this will send traffic directly to your website instead of YouTube!)

How your video will appear on YouTube in the search engine results…
pancakes3How the video on your website will appear  in the search engine results…


2. Build back links to your domain when other websites embed your video on their website
3. Have total control over the appearance of your video player and the content surrounding it

Tips for Self-Hosting a Video:

  • When you post a video on your website, make sure you only have one video on a page and that you surround it with relevant and targeted content. Always include a script as this will help the page get ranked by a search engine and offers the user an alternative way to view the information.
  • Setup your own video sitemap so that Google and other search engines can easily find it. Instructions can be found here: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/80472
  • Can’t host the video yourself? Check out third-party services such as Vzaar, Brightcove, or Vimeo Pro.

The Combined Approach – The Best of Both Worlds…

If you want to have a presence on YouTube, as well as host a video on your own website then try to upload a unique video to each rather than the same one twice. You could create a shorter, punchier edit for the likes of YouTube, and add the original edit to your own website. The benefit of this is that by adding your video to YouTube and optimising it you can get your video ranking in the search results (‘rich snippets’ for high-ranking sites like YouTube will almost always outrank a ‘rich snippet’ for a video on your website). Additionally, by also hosting a separate video directly on your website you will reap the benefits that come with hosting a video on your website. Since your videos are different, they should have unique titles, descriptions and keywords associated with them – so you shouldn’t find them competing in the search results!

Once you have carefully considered why you are creating the video, and weighed up the pros and cons of each platform, this will help you decide what approach is the right one for your company and the best way to represent the video.

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Are you optimising your content with Google Authorship?

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authorship_nanagyeiWe’re all interested in ways to improve our position in the search engine results (often referred to as search engine optimisation) so we can stay ahead of the game. Most people have caught up with the news that keyword-stuffing and other cheap tricks just won’t cut it – in fact this can have a negative effect on your rankings. However, bone fide blogging is still an effective way of increasing traffic to your site (while future-proofing it, too). To justify dedicating valuable time to writing knowledgeable and interesting blogs, you must make them work for you by optimising the results they generate.

There’s no shortcut to improving your search engine results anymore. If you want to get search engines on side, you need to put effort into convincing them why they should favour you. It’ll pay off. For a long time now I’ve been saying that content marketing is vital to the success of your optimisation efforts, and since the introduction of Google Authorship this has become truer than ever.

What is Google Authorship?

In a nutshell, Google Authorship is a system for verifying your online content, helping to establish you as an authoritative voice within your field. Anyone can be a Google author and it’s really easy to set up – there is a pretty conclusive guide here. When you link your content to your Google+ profile, it’s far more likely to be found by search engines and trusted by readers. Your article will appear in the rankings alongside a thumbnail of your profile picture. If you are blogging on your website (and you should be), then the sooner you link your blogs up to Google Authorship, the sooner you’ll start increasing your ‘AuthorRank’ score – Google’s method of ranking web authors.

Google are always refining their algorithms, tweaking them to be more sophisticated and more discerning, and this is a good thing. When you add regular and fresh content that engages and generates likes, shares, tweets and +1s across all social media platforms, you’ll earn serious search engine brownie points. And putting your face to your online content is the online equivalent of putting your money where your mouth is – you’ll come across as more authoritative, more genuine and more trustworthy to both search engines and readers (research has shown that online content accompanied by a profile picture is up to 150% more likely to be clicked on).

Google has been focusing on authenticating web pages for years, so authenticating people was their obvious next step. Linking your online content up and making use of Google Authorship is an crucial long-term way of gaining ground on your competitors by soaring up the rankings.

Don’t forget that if all this digital jargon is making your brain hurt, you can always call us and ask questions – its what we do day in day out.

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Breathe for Jo – Chiefs Tickets

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In support of my friend Jo Smith I’m giving away our Exeter Chiefs Rugby tickets this weekend (19th April). We have four Gold Card tickets in an excellent location (central and only a few seats down from Rob Baxster himself). The tickets get you access to the Gold Card bar before and after the game and are worth a great deal of money.

How can you win them? 

Simply put in a sealed bid to my email address (alastair@iambanksy.co.uk) by Friday (18th April) lunchtime (1pm). The highest bidder will get the tickets. I’ll give you a call so please don’t forget your phone number. You’ll need to pick the tickets up from me on either the Friday night or Saturday before the game.

All the money will go straight to Jo.

Read Jo’s story here: http://www.exeterexpressandecho.co.uk/Campaign-launched-save-Exeter-mum-Jo-suffering/story-20935307-detail/story.html

Her just giving page can be found here: https://www.justgiving.com/yimby/breatheforjocampaign