Looking for a drone filming company?

Making your business stand out visually can be a challenge. But with drone filming? Suddenly there’s a difference.

Offering exceptional views and unparralled angles a drone can capture footage that simply wasn’t possible a few years ago. Watch our showreel to get a feel for what we mean.

Here's the technical specs of what our drone can do...

  • Equipped with a 4k camera for superior filming quality.
  • A 3 axis gimball allows for super smooth shots.
  • Built in sonar gives the freedom to shoot indoor footage.
  • Live HD Views beamed to the operator allow us to capture the perfect angles. 

Need your business to stand out? 

Alongside filming we can also use the technology to undertake drone aerial photography for stunning still images.

So, whether it's filmography or photography you're after then chat to us. We'll be able to talk through how we can best use drone filming for your business. 

And afterwards? We have the full skillset to edit and market your video to the wider world.

Just call us on 01392 667766. Or just use the details here. 

Need a drone filming company? 

Need a bird's eye view of your business. Then talk to us about how we can help - just phone us on 01392 667766.

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