As one of the fastest growing charities in the South West, Devon Air Ambulance Trust requires a committed team and strong network of support to keep their helicopters flying. Relying heavily on the generosity of their supporters and volunteers, they need to maximise awareness of the charity and what they do. Our goal was to generate maximum awareness and increase sign-ups for these three key events that run every year.

Our solution: Highly targeted advertising and improvements to the sign-up process.

Devon Air Ambulance

The project saw us review and restructure their existing Pay-Per-Click account to bring down the Cost-Per-Click (CPC), so that we could become more competitive despite a restricted $2 CPC budget provided by Google Grants. We then created adverts for each event on Facebook that were highly targeted to an audience that was more like to be interested in the event, and therefore more likely to sign up. There were also issues with existing forms on the website (that had been created by a third party) that we completely redeveloped to improve the sign up process on the site.

During the time of the project:

The adverts had a reach of over 152200 viewers, over 70600 were via Pay-Per-Click, over 81600 were via Facebook advertising.

The three Facebook adverts generated over 1800 clicks to the website, generated over 200 shares, and saw over 490 likes under a two month period.

We redeveloped the forms on the website to improve the user experience on the site by making the sign up process really simple.

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