Ocean is a bustling leisure and activity centre owned by the LED group, perfectly located on the seafront at Exmouth. It’s home to a huge bowling alley, children’s play areas and a variety of suites available for private hire. It also features a restaurant and cafe that serve fresh local produce sourced from the region. With it’s stunning views of Exmouth bay and great range of services, the centre is the perfect spot for a rainy day on holiday.

The challenge was increasing revenue for Ocean, primarily by raising awareness of the range of activities and services available at the centre. We also wanted to highlight Ocean’s potential for private hire and draw attention to it’s extensive event planning opportunities.

We achieved this through our signature mix of comprehensive digital strategy; incorporating content marketing, informed web design and an extensive understanding of search engine optimisation.


We refocused the website with the user experience and journey in mind, in order to keep visitors engaged and lower bounce rates across all platforms. Our emphasis on responsive design matches the growing demand for fast mobile sites, more traffic comes from mobile than anywhere else in 2015, and suits Ocean’s need to present users with location information quickly and easily.

A large bank of informative, relevant content was also developed to ensure the site was valuable to both search engines and visitors.

Ocean is situated right on the beach at Exmouth, and it’s views of the bay and seaside atmosphere make it a particularly unique venue. It is operated and maintained by the sports and leisure facilities wing of East Devon District Council, LED. Aside from it’s bowling alley and other activities, the centre is also a popular corporate and private event venue.

For more information about the activities available or venue hire opportunities visit

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