Exmoor was designated a national park in 1957 and has been dazzling visitors with its stunning natural beauty ever since. The park features a dramatic stretch of the Devon coastline, which has the highest sea cliffs in England. It’s also home to a wide and fascinating variety of wildlife, resulting in almost a third of the park being protected by law.

The challenge for us was informing the public about the many features and events at Exmoor National Park, and encouraging visitors to return and learn more.


Our solution was a comprehensive digital package that combines content marketing, and a total overhaul of the existing government website.

Exmoor National Park

We redesigned the site with the park’s natural assets as our focal point, with areas dedicated to both the landscape and wildlife that were easy to understand and attractive to readers. We are also highlighting upcoming and ongoing events in the park by integrating social media feeds and displaying the calendar on the homepage, ensuring the information reached users immediately and minimising bounce rates.

Extensive content marketing was done to ensure that the National Park’s website contained as much valuable information, to search engines and visitors, as possible. Content was created and effectively structured to target specific groups of Exmoor visitors, including those looking to establish businesses and homes in the area.

Exmoor National Park is maintained by a free-standing authority, established by local government when the park was opened. The authority deals with all areas of the park including conservation, planning and development. This can be challenging as its 276 square miles are home to a huge variety of landscapes and wildlife, as well as a number of charming towns and villages, all with a variety of needs.

Events and volunteering opportunities are abundant around Exmoor, and you can learn more about the whole park here

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