Situated in one of the oldest cities in England, Exeter Golf and Country Club is recognised as one of the best golf clubs in the South West. With its beautiful surroundings and Georgian manor house, the club offers a diverse range of facilities that make it appealing to an extensive market.

The challenge: With continuous developments being made to the club, it’s our job to increase its online presence (particularly in the search results targeting Exeter & Devon related keywords), enhance its online reputation, and improve conversions on the site.

Our solution: Optimise on-site pages, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising and Consultancy.

Exeter Golf & Country Club

The project saw us restructure their existing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) account, focusing on geographical targeting in order to maximise a restricted budget. This, combined with the setup of conversion tracking, and the optimisation of the site has enabled us to rank 1st place on Google for a number of competitive keyword phrases.

By sourcing contacts and working closely with the club we have raised awareness of the new facilities and improvements that have recently been made to the club, resulting in a number of excellent reviews, and links back to the site.

During the time of the project:

Exeter Golf & Country Club

Revamped the PPC campaign – targeting areas geographically.

Exeter Golf & Country Club

Increased the conversion rate by 130% when compared to last year.

Exeter Golf & Country Club

30% increase in Organic traffic when compared to last year.

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