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If you work in the South West there is a good chance you’ve either been somewhere with a thirsty work cooler...

The Story

If you work in the South West there is a good chance you’ve either been somewhere with a thirsty work cooler, you own one yourself or you’ve seen their vans on the roads. They are one of the leading suppliers of instant hot water dispensers, bottled and mains fed water coolers in this region and beyond.

Their installation and procedures are approved by the British Water Cooler Association, as is the quality of the 100% natural Cornish spring water provided in the bottles.

In 2016 Thirsty Work approached us to help them with their online presence. They had a basic brochure site which was outdated and more importantly generating little to no enquires. Having been to one of our seminars on digital marketing, Matt Stimpson, Director of the company was impressed and asked us to call him.

The challenge

Thirsty Work had several existing and successful offline marketing tactics, such as offering free trials to businesses. Optix Solutions understands the importance of generating leads for potential sales, so we focused on bringing Thirsty Work’s offline methods into a prominent digital role. In addition, the Optix team developed an interactive savings calculator for the hot water boilers. Putting these areas as a focus of the new site allowed Thirsty Work to better showcase their products, with the intent for a business to “trial it, love it, and keep it.”

The solution

We began the relationship with the development of a new website. The old site wasn’t generating enquiries so marketing to that would hold us back. A new site with well thought through user journeys and clear calls to action was needed. A few iterations later and the version you now see at is performing exceptionally well.

After the new site was built we moved into a paid advertising campaign, focusing on the Google network. This undoubtedly helped generate enquiries but the cost of these was a little on the high side. A recent refocusing into more of a consultancy role, working alongside their internal digital marketing exec Will on natural search engine optimisation and content is bringing in wonderful results.

Will now works one day a week from our offices (a number of our clients like to do this) so he’s surrounded by people who are passionate about digital and the strategist for TW at our end. They can bat ideas about and really get things moving without Will getting distracted by the day to day work back at HQ.

The results speak for themselves. The site before we were engaged generated 1 or 2 enquiries a month for them. It now generates 120 a month!

The Results

The numbers speak for themselves.



June '17 vs June '18



June '17 vs June '18



June '17 vs June '18

Dont take it from us...

“Working with Optix has been a real eye-opener. We knew that digital marketing and a professional website was important to our business but I don’t think we quite realised the potential when we started the journey. Our enquiries have gone up from a few a month to over 100 – that’s an incredible return on investment.”

Matt Stimpson | Director, Thirsty Work

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