YouGen win the WWF Green Game Changer Award & 5 tips to get your business greener in 2013

Last month our client YouGen, one of the UK’s leading renewable energy websites for home and business owners, was announced the winner of the WWF Green Game Changer Award 2012. YouGen are not only sustainable in their approach to business, but encourage and inspire other businesses and even whole societies to become ‘greener’.

So why is ‘being green’ important for your business?

The general public and the government are increasingly expecting companies to take responsibility for the impact they are having on society. Reducing the impact that your business is having on the environment will not only help build your reputation and save money, but will also assure your staff and customers that they are dealing with a respectable and credible organisation. With this in mind and the fact that YouGen have been a huge inspiration to us at Optix, we are offering you 5 tips to get your business greener in 2013.

1.) Only fill the kettle with water to the amount required: The Energy Saving Trust (EST) concluded that if the nation only boiled the water they needed for a cup of tea (rather than filling up and boiling the whole kettle each time), we would save enough electricity to run nearly half of the country’s street lighting for a whole year. This isn’t a well-known fact so spreading this message could help save a lot of energy.

2.) Use less paper: Did you know the average employee consumes around 10,000 to 12,000 sheets of paper per year? By printing double-sided and ensuring you are being more vigilant when it comes to using paper, you could reduce your paper consumption dramatically. Ultimately this will help reduce the impact you are having on the environment, whilst saving the business a great deal of money at the same time.

3.) Offsetting your carbon footprint: If you are constantly on the road or in a plane when it comes to business, then find out how many miles you are travelling per year so that you can look into offsetting your carbon footprint (visit to work out your mileage). We’re not necessarily suggesting you turn your garden into a small forest by planting a tree every time you make a journey, but giving a donation to will help ensure you are doing your bit.

4.) Recycle more: Did you know the UK generates approximately 290 million tonnes of waste a year? With the government and environmental agencies working harder than ever before to encourage sustainability, it has become even easier to recycle waste. By allocating a staff member to implement, monitor and manage a recycling scheme for your business, you can help ensure that you are recycling successfully.

5.) Think local: Supporting the local community in which your business operates has many benefits. By developing a close relationship with local businesses and suppliers, you will generate positive word-of-mouth (WOM) for your business and help businesses in the surrounding areas grow. Sourcing local suppliers will also cut down transport costs, which will consequently save energy and money.

Do you have any ideas to help businesses become more environmentally friendly? If so, please share your ideas below – we’d love to hear them!

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