YouGen is honoured with web vote award

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A WEBSITE founded by an East Devon woman has been voted as the winner of the green living advice category in the Green Web Awards.

YouGen, which aims to help people work out whether or not renewable energy is appropriate for their house, was running for less than a year when it was shortlisted.

The site’s founder, Cathy Debenham, said: “To be publicly recognised like this is a huge boost. I’d like to thank everyone who voted for us.

“It was a nail-biting contest, as we were shortlised against two really good websites: the Guardian’s Ethical Living site, and My Zero Waste. It is a real honour to win.”

YouGen expects to see more visitors following the Government’s recent announcement of financial incentives for people who want to install microgeneration technologies.

“The Clean Energy Cashback makes it likely that more and more people will be tempted to install solar panels or other types of renewable energy,” said Cathy. “More installers will enter the market too, making it harder to identify the good ones.”

YouGen has also championed early adopters of microgeneration, whose income from selling surplus energy will fall when new feed-in tariffs start in April.

“They have been treated unfairly,” said Cathy. “These derisory rates throw all their payback calculations out.”

She added: “We have done our best to give them a voice, and get their message heard.”

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