Win a Supercar Experience with the Optix Sponsored League

Created by Ashwoods, Lightfoot is a small gadget fitted in your vehicle which monitors your engine. Watch this video to find out how it works. 

Every vehicle has a ‘sweet spot’. This is where the engine runs at the optimal power and efficiency no matter what routes or speed you are driving. 

Driving at the ‘sweet-spot’ results in:
•    Up to 25% reduction in emissions
•    Safer driving
•    Lower insurance costs
•    Lower fuel costs

The Lightfoot device sends real-time, simple, subtle signals to you to help you look after your engine and reap the benefits listed above. 

Ashwoods have launched a city-wide trial of the gadget which includes several leagues. This means customers can compete against each other and see who the most efficient driver is! 

We have sponsored a league, giving drivers the chance to win a Supercar Driving Experience in which you’ll be able to get behind the wheel with 12 supercars to choose from. 

Hopefully Lightfoot will be available on the consumer market soon, follow them on Twitter here or visit to see how they get on.

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