Will you get a buzz out of Google caffeine?

The online industry has been waiting for the latest developments to Google’s search engine, Google Caffeine, to go public in the UK for some months now.

However, Google have a habit of rolling out new innovations slowly and gradually, testing the water and making adjustments rather than going in for Big Bang launches.

It is believed that Project Caffeine will soon be driving the Google search engine we will be using in the UK. So what is it all about and what differences are we likely to notice?

Well, for starters there is a clue in the name as to one of its essential improvements, namely Caffeine, a stimulant that gets things moving faster.

According to those who tested the new search engine last year, Caffeine is almost twice as quick as Google’s current search infrastructure, in one example taking 0.12 seconds to deliver results on a search that took 0.25 seconds on conventional Google.

Relevance: Testers reported that they not only found a much larger number of results for specific searches but also that Caffeine produced better results for longer ‘strings’. In other words longer search terms or searches for specific phrases or titles produced more productive results.

It also appears to be more reactive to current and breaking events. With Twitter and Facebook both launching real-time search engines, Google would naturally want to stay up with the game.

On the downside, it was reported that images and videos seemed to appear further down in searches than currently, although that may well change or have been changed already.

Due to Google’s gradual test, review and adjust way of doing things, we can’t say for sure exactly when you’ll be able to see Caffeine in action at home or at work, but it’s coming!

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