Why You Should Focus on Inbound Marketing Practices in 2012

So what is this outbound and inbound marketing?

Outbound marketing is often referred to as the ‘traditional’ form of marketing, whereby a company spends money on advertising to large audiences in the hope of finding potential consumers. Television commercials, radio broadcasting, trade shows, cold calling and unsolicited email marketing are all examples of outbound marketing.

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, is all about attracting potential customers by offering useful information. The idea is you that you concentrate your efforts on earning the attention of prospects that have a genuine interest in your products and services rather than purchasing the attention (through the outbound methods outlined above) of a large audience where only a select few may have a genuine interest in what you are selling. Examples of inbound marketing include blog articles (like this one), reports, white papers, e-books, videos, infographics and even dedicated micro-sites like our social media resource chalk board.

The problem with outbound marketing:

1.) It’s expensive: A 2012 report by HubSpot states that outbound methods cost 61% more per lead than inbound methods.

2.) It’s difficult to monitor: The return on investment (ROI) associated with outbound marketing is often much harder to track.

3.) It’s easy to avoid: Blocking technologies are improving. Today, it is easier than ever to stream your favourite television shows “on demand” and bypass commercial breaks as well as opt-out of receiving unsolicited email, direct mail and phone calls.

At Optix, we believe the above underpins the importance of why forward-thinking organisations will be investing more of their marketing budget on inbound marketing practices in 2012.

Looking for an Inbound Marketing Consultant?

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In the next few months we will be bringing you a series of online videos (watch our first video above) and blogs to help guide you through making the most of your online presence. In essence, we’re practicing what we preach because it works – so stay tuned. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter or Facebook so that we can keep you up-to-date each time a new blog is posted

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