Why content marketing is essential for building your audience

Back in 2008 when Seth Godin declared that “content marketing is the only marketing left” we furiously nodded our heads in agreement. Ever since, we’ve “drummed on” about how important having quality content is so it came as no surprise to us when Google updated its search algorithm (which determines where a webpage ranks in search results) earlier this year to penalise websites with poor quality content.

So why is having quality content so essential?

Content Marketing is about offering your customer valuable information which positions you as a trusted expert in your industry. It is also a way of establishing a long term relationship with your customer by continuously offering inspiring and engaging content. As a business you want your customers to be talking about you, which means you need to give them something worth talking about. Let’s take a John Lewis as an example…

John Lewis is admired by both businesses and customers all over the UK so how have they managed to impress an entire nation?

Aside from their brilliant customer service and quality products, John Lewis has the unique ability to deliver advertising that allows the company to connect with their customers on an emotional level, and yes I am talking about that Christmas advert (click here to watch).

John Lewis use television to convey a strong, simple message to their audience despite the cluttered market that surrounds them. They carefully select their content to ensure it inspires the audience so much that they want to share it (they give them content worth sharing). The conversation generated from the adverts has had a huge impact on the John Lewis brand as not only has it helped build up the store’s reputation but it has also given the brand meaning.

Now you can be part of it…

Whilst consulting with our clients we have found that having in-house resource available to produce such content is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for businesses which is why we are now offering content marketing as a service. From writing blogs, newsletters, case studies and whitepapers to producing videos and managing affiliate marketing relationships – we are here to help.

Who can benefit from Content Marketing?

Essentially, any business looking to:

• Attract new customers
• Retain and grow the value of existing business
• Add value
• Position themselves as thought leaders
• Reduce their “cost per conversion”

If you think that your business would benefit from content marketing then please email us at info@optixsolutions.co.uk. Alternatively you can speak to one of the development team (Kris, Charlie or Olly) on 01392 667766.


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