Who Do You Think You Are In The Workplace?

Have you ever wondered why some places you’ve worked at have felt like a home from home and others feel like a daily grind?

Well, there are studies that suggest it’s down to more than whether your office has a pool table or regular nights out (although it helps). It’s much more to do with the personalities within your team and how they interact and integrate together. Your personality will dictate your behaviour and this will impact the behaviour and functionality of the whole team. Why is this important? Knowing your personality traits can help you understand what you need from a workplace, from your work itself and how you could best fit into a team.  

This is especially important when you’re looking for a new role, particularly digital marketing jobs in Devon and the South West. There’s a lot of agencies in the Exeter area, each offering a different working environment and experience, and with great digital marketeers in short supply, you are in demand. So choosing the best company that you’ll thrive and succeed in is integral for developing your digital marketing career. 


According to the group of scientists behind https://www.16personalities.com there are 16 personality types that everyone will fall into. 16 doesn’t seem that many, especially when we are all so unique but these personality types allow us to understand our behaviours and how we can improve our behaviour in different environments – such as the workplace. 

Each personality type has a framework that centres on five aspects:

  • Mind – how we interact with our surroundings 
  • Energy – how we see the world and interpret / process information
  • Nature – how we make decisions and cope with emotions
  • Tactics – our approach to work, planning and decision making
  • Identity – how confident we are in our abilities and our decisions

Knowing more about these five areas of your personality will help you understand what is important to you, what you can offer and what you need from your employer. Of course, this isn’t an exact science but the personality test at https://www.16personalities.com has been taken by over 195 million people from all around the world – and reviews are extremely positive. 

We recommend that you take the test and when sending your cv to potential employers, that you let them know your result with a link so they can find out more and take the test themselves. This is not only a great conversation starter to set you at ease in an interview, but you can ask about the personality types of the people who will be in your team. Having this conversation will allow you to understand more about the ethos of the company and what they can offer you, making it easier for you to choose what digital marketing agency is the right fit for you. 


We are currently recruiting for a business development manager, digital exec as well as interns.  We’re always looking for bright and talented individuals to expand our team, help develop and build our business further. We’d love to hear from you, so send us your personality type and let’s have a conversation about your future collaboration with Optix Solutions.


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