Update From Director of Operations Rob Stevens

I hope you and your family are safe and well. In view of the extraordinary times we find ourselves in, I thought it timely that I update and thank you for supporting with us during these challenging times.

Firstly, and most important of all, I am grateful for the loyalty and patience that you, our customers have shown us. In those early uncertain days, right up until the present, your continued support has meant that we have been able to keep our company on track through this period of uncertainty.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our team we maintained every area of our business literally overnight by shifting operations from our office to home working. Iā€™m so proud of how our colleagues adapted and stepped up to keep all of your businesses and ours running.

Marketing is now more important to many of us than ever before, for both communication and education, and therefore during this pandemic, we do take our responsibility to you seriously. So if you ever have an issue that has not been resolved to your satisfaction by our team, you can always contact me by emailing rob@optixsolutions.co.uk. We know how important a face-to-face experience is to so many of our customers, this is why we use Teams and Zoom sessions whenever possible.

In the coming months, we shall continue to face any adversity head-on and will continue to make sure that your marketing needs are met.

It just remains for me to express my gratitude to you and our team for keeping the show on the road throughout. We appreciate that we have been luckier than so many others through this pandemic, and do not take this for granted for a moment.

With very best wishes,

Rob Stevens – Director of Operations

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