Tracking Your Emails

Marketing is a great tool to stay in touch with current/potential customers and reach your target audience but more importantly you can track your campaigns in great detail. From seeing how many people are opening your email to where they are opening it from, the possibilities and choices of traceable data are endless.

Here are the main things you should be looking for and what they mean.

Open Rate

Usually displayed as a percentage, this specifies exactly who and who hasn’t opened your email. You should aim to keep your open rate above 20%. Check your average industry open rates here:

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is the amount of emails that did not reach your recipients. This could be because the email address no longer exists or is not legitimate, or, because the email was sent back from a spam filter.

CTR (Click Through Rate)

This is the rate in which people are clicking the links within the email body. It’s great that people are opening your emails but it’s obviously even greater if they are then clicking through to your website or external links as you know they are engaged.


Unfortunately, spam emails are a common occurrence for anyone with an email account – you need to ensure that your emails are not being treated in the same way. Have a look at our previous blog that went into detail about how to create the perfect email subject line to avoid being marked as spam.


It is even possible to see where your emails have been opened. This is particularly useful when using location based news and when A/B split testing your campaign.


Users can now access emails from a number of different devices. It’s handy to know what device your audience is using because it helps you to pick out trends and build a clearer user profile.

So, having gathered your evidence and noted what works and what doesn’t, you are all set up to create an excellent email marketing campaign. Get in touch on 01392 667766 or use our Project Planner if you would like more information and good luck!

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