The Tale of Tom, Dee and Ali – or how Optix Solutions featured as a Case Study in the 2010 GCSE Business Studies Examinations

Last summer in excess of 15,000 students sat the Edexcel Business Studies and Business and Communications GCSE examinations. On opening the examination paper they would have found the story of three University Graduates, Tom, Dee and Ali and how their Company, WebDesPix (WDP) had been formed.

On reading further students would have discovered how the Company has evolved since those early days, the number of staff now employed and the variety of services offered – including Web Design, EMS, Domain Registration and Hosting, SEO and Online Marketing.

Notice something missing? At the time of submitting the profile for the examination paper to be written, Social Media wasn’t big in the business world, funny how much can change in a couple of years!

In the exam paper an outline was given of WDP’s Business Operations, income to date and their Business Plan for the future – a plan very much true to life and one that we are still working towards – with the addition of a Social Media Strategy!

On the face of it WPD could have been entirely fictional. Anyone could have dreamt up a Web Design company formulated by three University Graduates. Although after reading between the lines, how many companies do you know that provide their staff with a free lunch every Friday, the use of a Nintendo Wii during their breaks and have the strap line – ‘Taking to the Internet like a Duck to Water’?

And if that wasn’t enough, a picture of our infamous Ducks in a row was also included as the branding for WDP.

It was an honour to be asked to be featured as a case study for the examination papers, almost like giving something back to the Education System that brought Optix Solutions founders together and made the Company what it is today.

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